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After you have been married for a season or so, you may wake up one morning feeling ill. You and your husband will head to Hardy's clinic and you will discovers that you're about to become parents!If you don't see this family event a season after marriage, make sure that you have kept your spouse's Love Points above 60,000 for 30 days.

When 60 more days have gone by your child will be born. If you can't remember when the due date is your spouse will remind you the day before. As soon as your child is born the game will skip ahead 3 years and your new baby will become a toddler. There are 5 different styles of children you can have. Which person you selected as a spouse will determine what type of child you can have.

Child Graphic StylesEdit

Spouse Child Description
Marlin Brown hair, green outfit
Carter Blond hair, red and purple striped clothing
Griffin Brown hair, orange and brown clothing
Rock Blond hair, white outfit with blue-pinstrips
Gustafa Red hair, light blue clothing

Your child can be male or female. The child's clothing colors are exactly the same for both genders.

In HMDS Cute the child's gender is randomly set at your wedding ceremony, and you will not know what it is until the child is actually born. There is no way to force the child to be a girl or a boy. The random child style will be available for Skye and the boys from Mineral Town. If you had saved your game the night before you child was born and when it popped out it wasn't the style you wanted, just reload and you get another chance of getting the type you want.

The child does not have the same personalities as in A Wonderful Life and each of the 5 are exactly the same; they just look different. After you child is born Barney's Circus will move into the valley. You can find him and Mimi down by Galen and Nina's house. Hugh and Kate will also grow to their teenager forms.

Your child will grow into 2 more stages; a kid (9-years old) and a teenager (about 15 years old). Each stage change will take 2 years (240 days) to complete. When your child reaches the last stage it will stop growing. No matter how old your son or daughter is the child will never help you with any of the farm work. The child also does not ever marry any of the other residents in the valley.

Girl children jpg

The 5 Female Children

Boy children jpg

The 5 Male Children

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