Title shopvalley

Blue BarEdit

5pm - 11pm, Thursday through Tuesday

Item Name Gold
Water 0
Morning Mist 400
Spring Time 400
Summer Heat 300
Fall Colors 300
Winter Blast 350
Fresh Breeze 300
Bodiaid 250
ABC 350
Moomoo Milk 300
Item Name Gold
Moo Milk

Muffy's blue heart event


"Cocktail Challenge" event

Ocho Kochoi

"Original Cocktail Drink" event

Mega Minoyu Uwaku

"Original Cocktail Drink" event

Wosuretani Notsuzen

"Original Cocktail Drink" event


Trader VanEdit

10:00 am to 6:00 pm, every 3rd or 8th day

Item Name Gold
Bodigizer 500
Bodizizer XL 1000
Turbojolt 1000
Turbojolt XL 2000
Goddess Broach 50,000
Goddess Broach

after 50k G.Broach

Kappa Broach 50,000
Kappa Broach

after 50k K.Broach

Goddess Hat 200,000
Goddess Hat

after 200k G.Hat

Kappa Hat 200,000
Kappa Hat

after 200k K.Hat

Television 5000
Dvd Player

after 5k tv


Note: all DVDs are sold at 100 G each. In the English version there are only a few DVDs and they only display a picture on the TV. In the Japanese version, the shows recorded on DVDs will typically have multiple episodes and each episode is on 1 DVD. The longer you play HMDS and (M)FoMT, the more DVDs will become available.

Show Name Dvds
Life on the Farm 120
My Dear Princess 34
Aaron Changes 40
Star Lily, Bandit Girl 25
Fairy and Me, His story 37
Fairy and Me, Her story 37
Mechabot Ultror: Autumn Breeze 47
Mechabot Ultror ZERO 20
Dueling Chefs 12
Fishing Hour 16
Fairy and Me 17
Card Collector Chisato 12
Life on the Farm ADVANCED 120
F3.14 MGP Race 34
Mechabot Ultror: Summer Vacation 37
Mineral Town 40
Mine Research Group 13
St.Emerald Acadamy 10

Vesta's Farmers ShopEdit

4pm - 7pm, Tuesday through Sunday

Iten Name Gold
Turnip Seeds 120
Potato Seeds 150
Strawberry Seeds 150
Cucumber Seeds 200
Tomato Seeds 200
Corn Seeds 300
Pumpkin Seeds 500
Onion Seeds 150
Carrot Seeds 300
Item Name Gold
Eggplant Seeds 120
Yam Seeds 300
Spinach Seeds 200
Peach Tree Seeds 3000
Banana Tree Seeds 2500
Orange Tree Seed 2800
Apple Tree Seeds 1500
Grape Tree Seeds 2700
Mushroom Spores 3000

Kai's Snack ShackEdit

9:30am - 5pm, Every sunny day, Summer season only

Iten Name Gold
Water 0
Baked Corn 250
Pizza 250
Spaghetti 300
Snow Cone 300

Note: Once you purchase one of the 5 items available from Kai's Snack Shack, your player will eat it instantaniously. You cannot store or place these items in your backpack.