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Thomas' Winter RequestEdit

  • Winter 02 only
  • Sunny or Snowy weather
    Thomas request01

This event happens every year if the weather is sunny or just snowy on the 2nd of Winter. To make sure the weather is agreeable, save your game before going to bed on Fall 30. If the next day weather report on Winter 01 says it will be a snowstorm day, reload your game to Fall 30 and go back to bed to make sure the weather on Winter 02 is not a storm.

As you exit your farmhouse in the morning Thomas will greet you at the door. He was talking with the mayor of another village and he made a small bet that he could acquire an item that he really can't get! Thomas wants you to collect the item for him, and then give it to him when he comes to pick up the shipments at 5:00 pm.

The item he requests is random, so it's a good idea to save your game before going to bed the night before. If the item Thomas requests isn't something you can acquire, just reload your game and try again. Thomas will ask you for a new item that might be more attainable. (Note: If he asks you for a Golden Egg, that does not exist in Harvest Moon DS and it's a bug that entered when you connected to your GBA game. Just reload like you normally would and have him ask for something new.)

Thomas request02
When Thomas arrives on your farm at 5:00 pm, give him the item as a gift and he will want to meet you back at your farmhouse door. The two of you will go back to the house, where he will take the item and reward you with one piece of Golden Lumber.

If it is your first time participating in the Request event when you receive the Golden Lumber, the orange Sprite team leader Oran will appear. Oran will be glad to be back, but Thomas doesn't know who the strange little man is. Oran becomes offended and the two of them begin to throw insults back and forth, and even try to start fisticuffs until you intervene. This event may seem lengthy, but be careful to try and not continuously press the A button when viewing the text that comes up on your screen - when the event ends, you'lll still be holding the golden lumber so pressing A might not be a good idea because you might accidently throw the golden lumber away!

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