Title romanas mansion

The Painting, part 1Edit

» Romana's Mansion, Romana's bedroom

» 7:30 pm to 12:00 am

» Ronama 100+ FP

Walk into Romana's bedroom and she'll be looking at the nice painting above her fireplace mantle. Romana asks if you've ever heard of a painter named Jeff. When you admit to not knowing, she figures you probably don't know because he lives in Mineral Town. Romana is going to tell you about him anyway.

Jeff lives in the other village and he is in charge of the General Store. He is a timid person and always let people buy merchandise on credit. Even the person in charge of the Winery bullies him around! Jeff is good at painting though, and he became well known after he won a contest. After that a lot of people went to his store to buy the painting but he never sold it since it came from his heart.

Romana had asked Jeff to paint something for her and he had. It's the same painting that is above her fireplace mantle. She also has no intention of ever selling his artwork.

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