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Poultry FarmEdit

11am - 4pm, Monday through Saturday

Item Name Gold
Bird Feed 10
Animal Medicine 1000
Buy a Chicken 1500
Buy a Duck 2000
Touch Panel Glove 1000

Yodel RanchEdit

10am - 3pm, Monday through Saturday

Item Name Gold
Fodder 20
Animal Medicine 1000
Buy a Cow 5000
Buy a Sheep 4000
Item Name Gold
Cow Miracle Potion 3500
Sheep Miracle Potion 3000
Bell 500
Touch Panel Glove 1000


9am - 5pm, Monday and Wednesday through Saturday

Item Name Gold
Turnip Seeds 120
Potato Seeds 150
Cucumber Seeds 200
Strawberry Seeds 150
Tomato Seeds 200
Corn Seeds 300
Onion Seeds 150
Pumpkin Seeds 500
Eggplant Seeds 120
Carrot Seeds 300
Sweet Potato Seeds 300
Spinach Seeds 200
Fodder Seeds 500
Item Name Gold
Blue Feather 1000
Riceballs 100
Bread 100
Oil 50
Flour 50
Curry Powder 50
Dumpling Powder 100
Chocolate 100
Wine 300
Grape Juice 200
Basket 5000
2nd Rucksack 2000
3rd Rucksack 3000

Saibara the Blacksmith'sEdit

10am - 4pm, Friday through Wednesday

Item Name Gold
Hoe upgrade Varies
Sickle upgrade Varies
Axe upgrade Varies
Hammer upgrade Varies
Watering Can upgrade Varies
Fishing Pole upgrade Varies
Brush 800
Milker 2000
Item Name Gold
Wool Clippers 1800
Bell 500
Mayo Maker 20,000
Cheese Maker 20,000
Yogurt Maker 20,000
Yarn Maker 20,000
Seed Maker 20,000
Cannery Maker 20,000

Gotz ConstructionEdit

11am - 4pm, Monday through Sunday

This shop's inventory can be found on the Farm construction page.

Mineral ChurchEdit

12pm - 4pm, Monday through Friday

Item Name Gold
Bless a cursed tool 100,000
Remove a cursed tool 1,000

May's Tailoring (Girl Version Only)Edit

9am - 3pm, Thursday through Tuesday

The number of different outfits you can purchase will increase as your Farm Degree raises.

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