Title romanas mansion

Outlook on HumanityEdit

Outlook humanity

» Romana's Mansion, Lumina's room
» Monday
» Mary 200+ FP
» You are not married, Lumina is not married
» GBA connection required

Lumina asks Mary for impression on people from Mineral Town who come to the valley. Mary was about to answer when you entered Lumina's room. Lumina tells you she was asking Mary about the residents of Mineral Town and ask if you would like to join her.

Mary says that the people are unique, and they have a simple way of speaking. Kai is a summer boy. The summer suits him well. Mary also tells the two of you about Gray, Cliff, Rick, and Trent. Karen is like an older sister to her, and Popuri is cute! She also gives opinions on Ann, Elli, and Gotz. When she's asked about Thomas, Mary tells you he's a very strange person!

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