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The ladybug-hat elderly woman lives with her husband Galen down by the Circus grounds. The two of them are spending a nice retirement together in the peacfull valley. Nina is also the person you would befriend if you would like a stocking for the Winter 25 Stocking Festival. Give her enough gifts to increase her Friendship Points to over 200, then give her a ball of Yarn.

Birthday: Spring 28

Title likes

+9 FP

Normal Items Wool, Yarn, Diamond, Pink Diamond

Cooked Items Boiled Spinach, Bodigizer, Bodigizer XL, Turbojolt, Turbojolt XL, Pickled Turnips, Pickled Cucumber, Elli Leaves

+3 FP

Normal Items Wild Grape, Shiitake, Matsutake, Banana, Grape, Orange, Apple, Peach, Turnip, Cabbage, Potato, Cucumber, Strawberry, Moondrop Flower, Toy Flower, Tomato, Corn, Onion, Pineapple, Pumpkin, Pinkcat, Sweeet Potato, Pepper, Eggplant, Spinach, Carrot, Blue Magicgrass Flower, Red Magicgrass Flower, Blue Grass, Green Grass, Red Grass, Yellow Grass, Orange Grass, Purple grass, Indigo Grass, Black Grass, White Grass, Copper, Silver, Gold, Mystrile, Orichalc, Adamantite, Moonstone, Sandrose, Alexandrite, Mythic Stone, Emerald, Ruby, Topaz, Peridot, Fluorite, Agate, Amethyst, Ricecakes

Cooked Items Happy Eggplant, Pumpkin Stew, Dumplings, Rice Soup, Porridge, Roasted Rice Cake, Baked Yam, Moon Dumpling

-3 FP

Normal Items Mayonnaise, Perfume

-9 FP

Normal Items Toadstool, Pirate Treasure, Fish Fossil, Chocolate

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