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New Year DreamEdit

  • » Your farmhouse
  • » 12:00 am to 6:00 am, Winter 30/Spring 01

On Winter 30, do not participate in the New Years Eve festival and instead go to bed after midnight when the date has changed to Spring 01. You may experience some dreams, which include:

Beach WeddingEdit

Beach wedding

At the beach you'll have a wedding with Thomas and the Harvest Sprites. A random Bachelor will be acting as your groom. You will shake your head "no" when Thomas asked your half of the ceremony but since it's just a dream your objections are useless.

Hiding in MukumukuEdit

Hiding in mukumuku
You will dream of Mukumuku alone in a tent, when suddenly Murrey comes out from under all of Muku's fur! It was hot under there and he was glad to escape until he heard someone coming. Quickly he scurries back into Mukumuku's fur to hide from the person entering the tent.

The CircusEdit

The circus

The circus tent is full of everyone from the valley. Barney looks around the place and tells Mimi that for once their tent appears to be crowded.

Two SistersEdit

Two sisters
Out at the pond the Goddess is waiting for the Witch to show up. When the Witch finally does she refers to the Goddess as her sister, and reminds her that today is the Goddess' birthday! Witch gives the Goddess a Da-chan bear as a gift and then drags her off to go eat some birthday cake she made.

Battle With KarenEdit

Just like in More Friends of Mineral Town, you'll dream of a battle against the evil girl, Karen. She doesn't think you're at a high enough level to beat her. You insist on your rematch anyway and attack, but your move was too weak and did little damage. Karen mocks you and retaliates with her "Secret Glamorous Princess" attack, which sends you flying across the beach.
Battle with karen

As Karen gloats over you lack of power, you use the last bit of your strength and begin to channel it into your hands. Karen wonders where your new strength has come from and believes you still don't have the power to beat her. Just at that moment Mary runs into the scene and insists the two of you don't have to fight. It's too late though because you've launched your "White Lily Sisters" attack at Karen, but you wake up before you get to see the damage it causes.

Opening sequenceEdit

Did your game restart from the beginning?! No, it's just a dream. Thomas
Opening sequence
welcomes you to the valley and goes through his entire "I'm the new shipping man" speech. This time you don't have to worry about calling off your dog when he attacks Thomas.
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