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The Mushroom House allows you to grow three different species of fungus instead of relying on the Fall season to find them. The mushrooms will grow all year long, safely inside the controlled environment of the hut.

Before you get started you'll need to do is request Gotz to build you the Mushroom House. He can only build 1 Mushroom House on your farm. If you want to relocate your fungus farm to another area of your land you'll have to hire him to demolish the existing building. Then you can hire him a second time to rebuild the house.

Mushroom House
300 Pieces of... Grass Wood Stone Gold
Supply your own 1000 G 10,000 G 20,000 G 200,000 G
Included w/ cost 7000 G 25,000 G 35,000 G 30,200,000 G

Inside the Mushroom House you'll find 6 wooden pallets. To prepare the pallets for fungus growth, place a piece of wood lumber on it. Now you will have a surface to grow the mushrooms on.

There are 2 ways to get mushroom seeds. The first is to buy them from Vesta. She sells Shiitake spores in her shop for 3000 G per bag. Sometimes she can be hard to get in contact with because she's normally outside in her fields, but if you watch her she will move into her shop during the afternoon.

The other way is to make your own spores. If you have requested Gotz to build the Maker Barn you then have access to the Seed Maker. During the Fall season you will find two types of wild-growing fungus; Matsutake and Toadstools. You can take the mushrooms, place them in the Seed Maker, and then sow the spores onto the wood lumber inside of your Mushroom House. The regular Shiitake mushrooms do not grow wild, so you would still need to buy those seeds from Vesta.

Shrooms take a very long time to grow and you must water them for the fungus to grow big and spongy. When they have begun to mature you can then harvest them. The longer you wait to harvest, the larger the fungus will be. You can pick small, medium, and large mushrooms. Once you've picked the mushroom for the first time, it will regrow back at a faster rate then it took to originally mature. Mushrooms can not produce extra-large specimens like the standard crops do on occasion.

Level 01 Growth Small Medium Large
Shiitake 35 days 50 G 80 G 120 G
Toadstool 42 days 100 G 130 G 160 G
Matsutake 59 days 350 G 500 G 800 G

You can also level up your mushrooms just like you can with the standard. Just sow several bags of spores on the piece of wood in order to upgrade to the next level. Since you are only getting 1 "square" to upgrade you will have to sow several bags to make sure the new mushrooms will be enhanced to the next level. Five or 6 bags will definitely get you to the next level.

If you want to remove a stump from your pallets just hit it with your hammer.

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