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This lovely lady spends a lot of her time working at the Blue Bar. She lives there with her boss, Griffin. Muffy tries to always have a smile on her face but she is secretly afraid of getting her heart broken. During the day she can be found near the Goddess Pond and at night she'll be mixing drinks at the Bar.

BIRTHDAY: Summer 5

Title likes

+800 LP +9 FP

Apple Pie

+500 LP +9 FP

Normal Items Matsutake, Large Fish, Necklace, Bracelet, Broach, Earrings, Perfume, Diamond, Pink Diamond, Wine

Cooked Items Stir Fry, Wild Grape Wine, Curry Rice, Rainboy Curry, Ultimate Curry, Finest Curry, Baked Yam, Pizza, Cake, Chocolate Cake, Butter, Pumpkin Pudding, Salad, Mushroom Rice, Ice Cream

+300 LP +3 FP

Normal Items Pineapple, Banana, Orange, Moondrop Flower, Mayonnaise, Cheese, Yogurt, Wool, Dress, Sunblock, Facial Pack, Skin Lotion, Bread, Flour, Chocolate

Cooked Items French Fries, Popcorn, Cornflakes, French Toast, Pancake, Pot Sticker, Risotto, Hot Chocolate, Dumplings, Marmalade, Cheese Fondue, Relaxtea, Baked Corn, Toast, Doria, Grautin, Sweet Potatoes, Chocolate Cookies, Cheesecake, Pineapple Juice, Banana Juice, Orange Juice, Ketchup, Green Dumpling, Steamed Dumpling, Pudding, Sandwitch, Chirashi Sushi, Relaxtea Leaves

-500 LP -3 FP

Normal Items Blue Grass, Green Grass, Red Grass, Yellow Grass, Orange Grass, Purple Grass, Indigo Grass, Black Grass, White Grass, Wood Lumber, Stone Lumber

Cooked Items Happy Eggplant, Fried Thick Noodles, Fried Noodles, Noodles, Curry Noodles, Tempura Noodles, Buckwheat Noodles, Tempura Buckwheat Noodles, Bodigizer, Turbojolt, Vegetable Juice, Vegetable Latte, Bodigizer XL, Turbojolt XL, Pickled Turnips

-800 LP -9 FP

Normal Items Toadstool, Pirate Treasure, Fish Fossil, Copper, Silver, Gold, Mithril, Orihalcon, Adamantite, Moonstone, Sandrose, Alexandrite, Mythic Stone, Emerald, Ruby, Topaz, Peridot, Flourite, Agate, Amethyst, Lithograph, Fish Bones, Empty Can, Boot, Weed, Branch, Stone, Gold Lumber, Fodder, Bird Feed

Cooked Items Fish Stew, Pickled Cucumber, Elli Leaves

-5000 LP -20 FP

Small Fish


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