May's Tailoring - Carpet, Clothing and WallpaperEdit

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One of the stores you can contact by using your telephone is May's Tailoring. May will sell you coordinating wallpaper and carpet for your house. She also sells different colored outfits you can wear.

Each one of the wallpaper and carpet packages costs 2000 G and it will instantly be laid out in your house. You do get to preview the design before you purchase it. If you want to change your design and then decide you like your old one, you will have to buy your old design again.

New wallpaper and clothing will appear in May's shop as you increase your invisible Farm Degree.The higher your degree, the more items you can buy.

May's shop is closed on Wednesdays and festival days.

The other items she sells are different colored outfits. The clothing you buy will be transported into the clothing toolboxes next to your record player inside your house. Each piece of clothing costs 200 G and you only have to buy each one once. There are 18 different colored outfits you can buy. You can change your outfit by selecting the one you want from your clothing toolbox.

List of clothing

Clothing available from May's Tailoring