Title romanas mansion
Kate life advice

Kate's Life AdviceEdit

» Romana's Mansion, lobby

» Kate 200+ FP, Lumina 200+ FP

As you enter the mansion you'll see Lumina and Kate head up the stairs to the 2nd floor. On the staircase Kate will tell Lumina that she wants to be just as pretty as she is, and asks how she could do so. Lumina wants to know who else Kate thinks is pretty, so she names off the other girls. Kate always points out a flaw (Muffy wears too much makeup, Flora has ugly glasses, and so on), until Lumina mentions your name.

Lumina says you act like a nice person, but again Kate objects. This time Kate complains that you're like a country bumpkin who smells and has nerdy clothes! She isn't aware that you are listening to her from the doorway but Lumina noticed you were there. Kate turns around to meet face to face with a very angry farmer! Lumina feels it's good for Kate to make mistakes. Kate apologizes and explains she really doesn't think you are really like how she described.

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