Island millionaire1
Title your farmland

Island MillionaireEdit

» Exit your farmhouse

» 6:00 am to 9:00 am, 1st of the season

» Must have 900 million G or more

The morning after you have met the 900,000,000 Gold requirement, you will receive a letter in your mailbox (except for in the English version where no mail is delivered). Thomas will write how he noticed you were wealthy, and offers you the ability to purchase your very own island! If you want this piece of property, he will stop by on the 1st of the next season.

On the 1st of the next season, Thomas will greet you at your front door. He will exchange his island for 900 million G. You can take his offer or decline. If you spent your money and had less than 900 million, Thomas won't make an appearance. He will reappear on the 1st when you have the required funds again.

The island is your own remote getaway, which you can access by taking the little boat docked on the Beach. There isn't anything on the island when you purchase it but you can hire Gotz to build a Vacation Villa for you, which will look different depending on what material you choose to use. The extra house contains a bed, a table, and that's about it. You can't purchase any extra furniture for it either. The Teleport Necklace also can't warp you to your island so you will have to teleport to the Beach and take the boat. You can use the necklace to leave the island.

You'll need to purchase the island if you want to complete your Fish List.

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