Title spriteindigo

Finding the Indigo Harvest Sprites - The Fishing Team

Leader: BlueEdit

Birthday Summer 03
Likes Fruit Juice, Large Fish, Indigo Grass
Hates Happy Eggplant, Moonstone, Empty Can
Acquired Cast your fishing line into the Hot Springs near the Circus grounds. The spa will unlock when you trigger Flora's blue heart event or after your child is born.


Birthday Winter 23
Likes Boiled Pumpkin, Diamond, Indigo Grass
Hates Shiitake Rice, Curry Powder, Perfume
Acquired Catch 50 fish. You can hire their own team mates to catch the required number of fish, but the other Fishing Sprites can not find their own kind. When you check your shipped items list and you discover that you've had them catch X amount of fish, you need to cast your own line into any fishable water area to rescue the hidden Sprite.


Birthday Spring 24
Likes Happy Eggplant, Tomato, Indigo Grass
Hates Strawberry Jam, Wool, Fish Bones
Acquired Catch 500 fish.


Birthday Winter 07
Likes Hot Milk, Moondrop Flower, Indigo Grass
Hates Sushi, Bell Pepper, Weed
Acquired Catch 1000 fish.


Birthday Fall 14
Likes Salad, Toy Flower, Indigo Grass
Hates Sweet Potatoes (recipe), Bamboo Shoots, Perfume
Acquired Catch 5000 fish.


Birthday Winter 10
Likes French Fries, Dumpling Powder, Indigo Grass
Hates Boiled Spinach, Fish Fossil, Weed
Acquired Catch 10,000 fish.


Birthday Spring 04
Likes .
Hates .
Acquired Catch 50,000 fish.


Birthday Summer 21
Likes Tempura Buckwheat Noodles, Orange, Indigo Grass
Hates Candied Potatoes, Pumpkin, Junk Ore
Acquired Find the cursed Fishing Pole in the mines and then call the church to get the curse removed.


Birthday Summer 29
Likes Apple Pie, Cabbage, Indigo Grass
Hates Rice Soup, Carrot, Boot
Acquired The first time you use your Mystrile Fishing Pole you will find this Sprite.


Birthday Fall 25
Likes Matsutake Rice, Peridot, Indigo Grass
Hates Porridge, Pumpkin, Branch
Acquired You will need to hire Gotz to build the Duck Pond on your farm. After it has been constructed, cast your fishing line into the pond.


Birthday Winter 02
Likes Cheesecake, Topaz, Indigo Grass
Hates Sashimi, Milk, Wood Lumber
Acquired On your farm will be a small waterpond where you can fill up your Watering Can. Try and fish in the pond using your Fishing Rod to find this fellow.


Birthday Winter 18
Likes Pickled Cucumber, Buckwheat Flour, Indigo Grass
Hates Grautin, Onion, Fodder
Acquired Try to fish in the Hot Springs by the Goddess Pond. This spa will unlock after you have used the 1st Hot Spring 100 times.