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Finding the Green Harvest Sprites - The Crop Harvesting Team

Leader: ForestEdit

Birthday Summer 09
Likes Risotto, Emerald, Green Grass
Hates Happy Eggplant, Moonstone, Weed
Acquired Upgrade your Sickle to the Mystrile (level 5) and then use the tool.


Birthday Winter 09
Likes Chocolate Cookie, Pumpkin, Green Grass
Hates Shiitake Rice, Mystrile, Fish Bones
Acquired Place 1000 items into the Shipping Bin. The 1000 items can be any combination of items as long as you can toss it into the bin. This includes your crops, animal produce, and even things such as weeds and sticks.


Birthday Spring 19
Likes Tomato Juice, Small Fish, Green Grass
Hates Strawberry Jam, Wool, Bird Feed
Acquired Place 5000 items into the Shipping Bin.


Birthday Spring 26
Likes Strawberry Milk, Perfume, Green Grass
Hates Stir Fry, Matsutake, Weed
Acquired Place 10,000 items into the Shipping Bin.


Birthday Winter 27
Likes Salad, Wool, Green Grass
Hates Sweet Potatoes, Cheese, Perfume
Acquired Place 30,000 items into the Shipping Bin.


Birthday Spring 28
Likes Sandwich, Oil, Green Grass
Hates Boiled Spinach, Stone, Fodder
Acquired Place 50,000 items into the Shipping Bin.


Birthday Fall 24
Likes Sweet Potatoes, Yogurt, Green Grass
Hates Vegetable Latte, Toadstool, Tomato Juice
Acquired Purchase the Shipping Basket from Karen's shop for 5000 G. After the basket is delivered throw a shippable item into it.


Birthday Summer 16
Likes Apple Jam, Cheese, Green Grass
Hates Steamed Dumpling, Pumpkin, Junk Ore
Acquired You will receive the horse from Takakura after you have shipped 1000 items. The horse is full grown and will has saddlebags to use for shipping produce. Toss an item into the saddlebags.


Birthday Spring 09
Likes Wild Grape Wine, Cabbage, Green Grass
Hates Cornflakes, Carrot, Perfume
Acquired Ship a Cabbage. You can buy Cabbage Seeds from the Sprite Casino for 500 Medals each. The crop will grow during the Spring season.


Birthday Fall 04
Likes French Fries, Banana, Green Grass
Hates Porridge, Pumpkin, Stone
Acquired Ship a Pineapple. You can buy Pineapple Seeds from the Sprite Casino for 1000 Medals each. The crop will grow during the Summer season.


Birthday Fall 13
Likes Strawberry, Grautin, Green Grass
Hates Roasted Rice Cake, Yogurt, Boot
Acquired Ship a Pepper. You can buy green Pepper Seeds from the Sprite Casino for 150 Medals each. The crop will grow during the Fall season.


Birthday Winter 17
Likes Pickles, Pumpkin, Green Grass
Hates Grautin, Onion, Bird Feed
Acquired Find the level 6 Cursed Sickle in the 3rd Mine, then call the Church to get the cursed removed.
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