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As you proceed through the game the experiences you have will be tallied together as a special title and displayed as your Farm Degree. You can see your current Farm Degree title by going into your farm summary page and tapping the stylus on the portrait of your character. At the top of the next screen will be your Farm Degree.

Just like in More Friends of Mineral Town for GBA, what you do in your game will add up to create your Farm Degree. The titles you earn are based on the experiences you have in the game. Certain tasks that you do will each have a point value, which are tallied together and compiled into your current title. The more you play, the higher your title is.

Unlike the GBA game, the current point value of your Farm Degree is hidden from view. You will have no idea how many points you have collected or how long it will be until your title updates.

Besides having the special title for bragging rights between you and your friends, the Farm Degree will also assign a descriptive last name to your title! If your title is a Farm Chief or higher, you will receive a second name on Spring 01 each year. The name you get will be randomly selected from the pool of available names, determined by the bachelor or bachelorette you have the highest love point value with. You can see your Farm Degree's second name next to your Farm Degree on the character's profile screen.

Learner, rank 10 to 1 Learner, rank 10 to 1 0 to 1000
Apprentice, rank 1 to 10 Apprentice, rank 1 to 10 1000 to 10,000
Farm Chief Farm Chief 20,000
Farm Knight Farm Knight 25,000
Farm Baron Farm Baroness 30,000
Farm Viscount Farm Countess 40,000
Farm Earl Farm Archcountess 50,000
Farm Lord Farm Marquise 60,000
Farm Duke Farm Duchess 70,000
Farm Archduke Farm Archduchess 100,000
Farm King Farm Queen 200,000
Farm Emperor Farm Empress 1,000,000
Farm Angel Grand Farm Empress 50,000,000
Farm Archangel Amazing Farm Empress 100,000,000
Farm Authority Angel Spectacular Farm Empress 150,000,000
Farm Noh Angel Awesome Farm Empress 200,000,000
Farm Power Angel Magnificent Farm Empress 250,000,000
Farm Lord Angel Superlative Farm Empress 300,000,000
Farm Seated Angel Legendary Farm Empress 350,000,000
Farm Wise Angel Ultimate Farm Empress 400,000,000
Farm Fierce Angel Farm Empress Supreme 450,000,000
Farm God Farm Goddess 500,000,000
Farm Supreme God Supreme Farm Goddess 1,000,000,000

The tasks you do in the game have an invisible value to them. As this value increases (it can not decrease) you will earn a higher Farm Degree title. You can earn points more then one time for the same task (i.e., making 10 Spa Boiled Eggs equals 10 Farm Degree points).

Value increase Tasks
+ 1

» Sprinkle the pregnancy Potion on a cow or sheep » Birth of new baby animal

» Use the bathroom in your house » Make a Spa Boiled Egg » Using the trash can inside your house » Purchasing items (valley shops or telephone shops) » Go to bed » Keep a Goddess or Witch Gift in your rucksack for the whole day. » Toss an item into a Maker machine (yarn, mayo, etc.)

+ 10 » Trigger a random event

» Discover a missing Harvest Sprite

+ 25 » See a Rival Heart event

» Get 3rd place in an animal festival

+ 50 » Trigger a Sprite Dance party by finding all 12 members of a Sprite work team

» Get the Legendary Sword » Your pregnancy » Reach 2nd place in an animal festival » See a Heart Event

Added to DS CUTE: » Activate a Best Friend event

+ 100

» Win 1st place in the cooking festival » Win 1st place in an animal festival » Get the Prize Title from the Dog house mini game

» Collect all 9 Wonderfuls and make a wish » Child is born

+ 250 » Rival marriage
+ 500 » Get married

Added to DS CUTE » Get a Best Friend (Japanese version only)

The Witch photograph Present and the Goddess' flower Present must remain in your rucksack all day and night for you to earn 1 point towards your Farm Degree. If you have more than 1 then you'll earn that many FD points the next morning. For example, if you had 5 of Witch's photos in your rucksack then you would earn 5 Farm Degree points every day.

The only rewards given for earning points on your farm degree is the availability of clothing and wallpaper at May's Tailoring.

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