Harvest spirit screen

This is one of the many things harvest sprites will say when they are rescued

Finding Harvest Spirites are important...not only can you rescue the harvest goddess...but it is a requirment for marriage, for the Harvest goddess marries you and your husband, her is a list of the 60 easiest spirites to rescue...although it depends on how patient you are and how often you do things, Two of the spirites which is Moor and Vail, can only be rescued in summer and Autum

1. Guts: You will acquire this Sprite in the first scene with the Witch Princess.

2. Neptune (Brown Team): Available from the start.

3. Mercury (Black Team): In your first scene with Guts, Mercury will be found.

4. Karaf: Press A next to your watering pond and he will appear.

5. Jet: Press A from the northern side of Van's orange crate at the end of The corridor on the second floor of the Inn.

6. Jum: Press A next to the fountain in Romana's courtyard.

7. Tep: Press A in front of the stove on the western side of the Inner Inn.

8. Hops: Press A in front of the Well and he will appear.

9. Jackie: Try to leave the village by going east along the path to Mineral Town.

10. Riviera: Cast your fishing rod into your watering hole. (N.B. You Cannot do this from a distance by using a Necklace. You must be standing AT The watering hole.)

11. Uranus: Raise one person's FP to 100

12. Misty: Fill your watering can 10 times. (N.B. You can do this again and Again without emptying the watering can.)

13. Spirity: Buy 1 Drink at the Blue Bar.

14. Roller: On 8 Spring, walk east across the bridge towards Vesta's farm. (N.B. Roller is the Sprite who will open the Casino. Although you can find The dealers for the Casino games on the first day of gameplay, the Casino will Not open until you have rescued Roller and he CANNOT be rescued any earlier.)

15. Veggie: Buy the Basket from Karen's Supermarket and place an item in it.

16. Venus: Purchase an item from Karen's Supermarket for 10 days.

17. Anime: Eat 30 pieces of wild grass. (Hold item in your hands, then press The X button to eat it.)

18. Kamar: Ship 1 Cabbage.

19. Kali: Pick up your animals 50 times without using the touch Glove. (Dog and Cat are included here.)

20. Mouton (Yellow Team): Use the Touch Glove 50 times to pet your Animals.

21. Earth: Rescue 20 Sprites.22. Beta: Wash your animals 50 times using the Brush and Touch Glove.

23. Sue: Collect Milk 100 times using the Touch Glove (In other words, Obtaining 100 bottles at once with a Level 100 Milker will not rescue this Sprite.)

24. Moor: Ship 1 Pineapple.

25. Vail: Ship 1 Pepper.

26. Souly: Buy 50 drinks at the Blue Bar.

27. Powery: Eat 80 pieces of Wild Grass.

28. Paige: Catch 50 fish.

29. Tilus: Destroy 100 small rocks with your Hammer.

30. Bran: Chop 100 branches with your Axe.

31. Saturn: Participate in 3 Festivals. (This includes eating a dish Prepared by Kai at the Beach Festival, so if you enter a Chicken in the Chicken Festival and a Cow in the Cow Festival, Saturn will appear on Tuesday morning After the Cow Festival.)

32. Fraw: Place 1000 items in your shipping container. (This will result in The gift of a horse from Takakura as well.) N.B. Shipping 1000 pieces of bird Seed purchased from Popuri is a quick and inexpensive method of acquiring the Horse in the first week of gameplay. You can ship weeds but it will take Longer to collect 1000 weeds.

33. Kevin: Place an item in your horse's saddlebags. (Ship 1000 items to Receive the horse as a gift.)

34. Mars: Ship at least 300 of a single type of item produced on your farm (crops, fruit, flowers or ranch products, but no processed items) (If you Upgrade your Milker by using it repeatedly, you can obtain 99 or 100 small Milks each time you use it to milk a cow. If you do not upgrade your milker, You probably can ship 300 yams in your first Autumn without much trouble, as They yield multiple harvests frequently.)

35. Fisher: Upgrade your Fishing Rod to Mystrile and use it.

36. Forest: Upgrade your Scythe to Mystrile and use it.

37. Valie: Upgrade your Axe to Mystrile and use it.

38. Roli: Upgrade your Watering Can to Mystrile Level, then use it.

39. Jupiter: Purchase 5 Records from Jet at the Sprite Company Shop

40. Yacht: Cast your Fishing Rod in the Duck Pond (Gotz must build this.)

41. Boohoo: Use the Touch Glove 100 times to pet your Animals.

42. Oran: Give Thomas the item he requests on 2 Winter

43. Decoy: Chop 250 branches with your Axe.

44. Stone: Smash 250 stones with your Hammer.

45. Pierre: Split 15 stumps with your Axe.

46. Alpen: Smash 5 large smooth stones with your Hammer.

47. Rocky: Smash 15 large smooth stones with your Hammer.

48. Wooly: Ship at least 300 combined Milk, Eggs and/or Wool.

49. Mick: Have a total of 10 Chickens and Ducks. You will need 3 Bird Barns For them.

50. Red Ribbon: Have a total of 10 adult Cows and Sheep. This requires three Animal Barns.

51. Koto (Purple Team): Eat 150 pieces of any type/s of Wild Grass

52. Betty (Red Team): Shear 100 pieces of Wool using your Touch Glove.

53. Blue: Cast your Fishing Rod in the Hot Spring by the Circus grounds. This is the Hot Spring unlocked by Flora's 3rd (Blue) Heart Event or by having A child.

54. Fry: Catch 500 Fish

55. Chorori: (Blue Team): Water 1000 squares of crop land.

56. Laine (Red Team) Ship at least 500 Milk, Eggs and/or Wool. (If you Upgrade your Milker to Level 1, this will be very easy to do.)

57. Essa (Red Team): Ship at least 1000 Milk, Eggs and/or Wool

58. Aiylee (Yellow Team): Wash your animals 100 times using the Brush and Touch Glove.

59. Canal (Yellow Team): Use the Touch Glove 300 times to pet your Animals.

60. Canary (Yellow Team Leader): Have 15 animals born on your farm (Poultry And/or Livestock) (N.B. The easiest way to do this is by having 3 Bird Barns And incubating eggs in each one again and again. By doing this, you can have 6 Chicks/ducklings born within a single week! Remember that animals born on your Farm will be born with 2 hearts. It therefore is to your advantage to have at Least 1 chick, 1 duckling, 1 calf and 1 lamb born as soon as possible as Festivals are won by animals at maximum heart level.)

61. Baby (White Team): After rescuing 60 Sprites and the Harvest Goddess, Press A in front of the large Pot in the Sprite Company Tree.


There are Three other spirites quite easy to unlock but you need patients and time, There names are Ceruleano ,Eviran , and Owen it is watering three secrets squares in the you will need a hammer, hoe, sickle, axe and watering can...the hammer , sickle and axe to clear the fields , The Hoe to make the squares and the watering can to water the squares...I suggest Myerstyle level tools because they can get more done faster and I suggest you have the Myerstyle neckless so you can do it from buildings and it spares you some time

here are the three areas I found mine

Map 1. I found one in area 4, the field to the left

2. I found another in area 7, the field near Daryl and Leia's house

3. Now the last one is either in area 8, near Nina and Galen's house or in area 3 near the farm plot

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