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Planting numerous seed bags over each other allows you to "level up" the crops you produce. Each crop starts at Level 1 and can be enhanced all the way up to Level 100. The higher level the plant is, the more money you'll make for shipping the produce.

You will first need to have the Seed Maker before you can grow higher level crops. The Seed Maker will be available for purchase after you hire Gotz to build the Maker Barn. The Maker Barn is available to construct after you have built your first house upgrade.

Maker Barn
360 pieces of... Grass Wood Stone Gold
Supply your own 3000 G 30,000 G 60,000 G 600,000 G
Included w/ cost 10,200 G 48,000 G 132,000 G 36,600,00 G

Once the Maker Barn has been completed you need to purchase the Seed Maker from Saibara the Blacksmith, which is run by Gray. He will require you to have an Adamantite and 20,000 G. Five days later (excluding holidays) Gray will deliver your Seed Maker. You can find Adamantite in the 3rd mine.

To upgrade your plants you have to sow multiple bags of seeds on top of each other. For upgrading to Level 2 crops, take your purchased bags of seeds and plant several of them in the same spot. It is completely random if the plants you grow will be enhanced to the next level, but the more bags you plant the better chances of producing better crops. Planting 4 bags of seeds should get you a good yield of upgraded crops.

Once you have your first Level 2 crops you need to use the Seed Maker to convert the plant into Level 2 seeds. Then plant multiple bags of Level 2 seeds to raise your plants up to Level 3. Then do the same thing to raise your crops to Level 4, and so on. The higher the crop's level, the more money you'll earn when you ship the crop. If you ship the plant then you can't convert it into seeds for further upgrade, so make sure you have enough plants to ship and still have extras for enhancing to the next level.

You can upgrade your trees, flowers, and farm. Using the Canning Maker will earn you more gold compared to using your normal shipping bin. If you get lucky enough to grow a GIANT crop, you will earn 10x the normal shipping price (i.e., a Lv 05 giant Carrot will net you 30,000 G since the normal sized Carrot is 3,000 G). You don't get the opportunity to use the Canning Maker on any giant crops.

Crop Level Calculator:Edit

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Crop calculation examples

Name Level Normal Cannery Giant
Turnip 1 60 G 90 G 600 G
50 250,000 G 375,000 G 1,500,000 G
100 600,000 G 900,000 G 6,000,000 G
Cabbage 1 250 G 375 G 2500 G
50 625,000 G 937,500 G 6,250,000
100 2,500,000 G 3,750,000 G 25,000,000 G
Pineapple 1 500 G 750 G 5000 G
50 1,250,000 G 1,875,000 12,500,000 G
100 5,000,000 7,500,000 G 50,000,000 G
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