Chickens are animals that can be bought or hatched in Harvest Moon DS Cute. They lay eggs daily that can be shipped, hatched, gifted or used in recipes.

Getting a ChickenEdit

To buy a chicken you will need to use your telephone to call Popuri from the Poultry Farm. A Chicken will cost 1500G. You can hatch new chicks once you have purchased a chicken. Just take any size egg and place it in the straw bin inside of the poultry barn. It only takes 3 days for a new chick to be hatched and then another week before it turns into an adult.

Lifecycle: Chick --> 7 days --> Adult


A chicken will lay an egg every day as long as it is happy. These eggs can be shipped for a small price, gifted, cooked in recipes or converted into Mayo. You can convert the eggs into Mayo by using the Mayonnaise Maker if you have purchased the Maker Barn from Gotz.


The more hearts your chicken has, the larger egg it can lay. You can increase your affection with your chicken by leaving it outside, picking it up and down, and by using the Touch Glove to pet it. If you use the Touch Glove you can reach a Red Heart in the petting mini game with a score of 9000. Your chicken will also have a higher chance of winning the Chicken Competition if it has more hearts.