Harvest goddess start questions appearance

The Harvest Goddess during the start of the game

Character Appearance

When you start a new game for a Girl, the Harvest Goddess will ask you a series of questions. The answers you choose will determine if you play as the heroine from A Wonderful Life ("Pony") or the heroine from Back To Nature/MFoMT ("Claire").

Question 1: Which do you primarily play, Gamecube or Gameboy Advance?

  • Gamecube
  • Gameboy Advance
  • Both

Question 2: Do you like blonde hair?

  • Love it
  • It's okay, I guess
  • Not really

Question 3: How about ponytails?

  • I guess I like them
  • Pigtails are better
  • Not really

Question 4: Which do you like the best?

  • Mineral Town character
  • Wonderful Life character
  • I don't really care

Depending on how you answer, there are two possible outcomes for your characters apperance.

Claire back to nature

Character One - Claire from 'Back To Nature'

Pony a wonderful life

Character Two - Pony from 'A Wonderful Life'


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