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In total there are 48 people living in Forget-Me-Not Valley. Fourteen of those are the male marriage candidates, one of them is a furry monster, 1 animated stuffed toy, 4 other people only appear if the Mineral Town girls are active, and 2 of them don't even appear in your game until you have been married and your family has a child. Five of the residents are your marriage rivals. If you activate the 4 Heart Events between the rival and the girl he is tied to then they will marry and you no longer have the opportunity to marry the same girl. Rival marriages aren't too bad though, since you still have the other girls available and each marriage adds 250 points to your Farm Degree. After subtracting the bachelors and their rivals, there are 29 villagers left over to interact with. The last person you will converse with is Carter from Friends of Mineral Town. You won't meet him but you will talk to him over the telephone if you call the Church. Every Spring 01 he will send you a New Years card, but you will never meet him face to face. In the girl version of HMDS you can also talk to May and Stu from Mineral Town through your telephone. You never see their faces. May runs the store where you can purchase new outfits and Stu is at the Church.

Above is a list of all the villagers found in Forget-Me-Not Valley. The rest of the villagers are the Bachelors, and Best Friends and Rivals.

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