Title randomevents

There are a lot of random scenes you can come across while playing the game. The events triggers are usually tied to the participant's Friend Point Value, so the higher the FP, the more likely you will run across an event with that person. If you proceed through the event correctly then you'll further increase your FP standings with the residents involved.

The valley is divided up into 9 sections, which you can view by clicking on the World Map menu. The events you trigger can happen in any of those 9 areas, or even inside the buildings in the area. Some events also require different weather requirements or only trigger on specific days of the week.

You will be able to see a series of extra events if you plug in your copy of Friends of Mineral Town for GBA. You only need to have your (or a friend's) GBA game in your Nintendo DS console once in order to have the flag set to be able to see all of the exta events.

Title romanas mansion

The Painting, part 1

Fierce Bargaining

Daughter's Tea

Kate's Life Advice

Outlook on Humanity

Witch Data

The Apprentice, part 1

Best Friends

The Painting, part 2

A Visit To Romana

Cooking Pride

Title your farmland

Dr. Hardy's checkup

New Year Dream

Island Millionare

Free Horse

Sprite Dance Party

Mukumuku's Gift

Likeable Child

Family Picnic

Toadstool Research

Thomas' Winter Request

Small Adventure

Parent Argument

Divorce Elder Sister

Title goddess pond

Lumina's Request

Murrey the Gourmet, part 1

Murrey the Gourmet, part 2

Mukumuku Capture

Kate vs Hugh, part 1

Kate vs Hugh, part 3

Lumina's Advice

Flora's Stalker

Mukumuku's Sickness

Barney's Scout

Da-chan vs Mukumuku

The Apprentice, part 2

All 101 Sprites

Popuri and the Kids

Title waterfall area

Royal Descendants

Spirit's Whisper

Excavation Data

Self Defence Practise Hot Spring Discovery

Title main pathway

Fickleness Expert

A Man's Back

Past Glory

Chris' Fortune Telling

Kate vs Hugh, part 2

Family Argument, part 1

Family Argument, part 2

Cocktail Challenge

Ancestor's Pride

Original Cocktail Drink

Begging, part 2

Child Discipline, part 1

Path to Cooking Expert



New Trade Negotiations

Muffy's Meddling

Marlin's Sickness, part 1

Marlin's Sickness, part 2

Vesta vs Van, part 1

Da-chan Walks

Popuri Problem

Popuri's First Drink

Karen's Earrings

Teacher and Student

Dr.Hardy's Help

Valley Checkups

Cooking Bonzai

Somewhere, Sometime

Karen's Meddling

Advice for Cliff, part 2

Vesta vs Van, part 2

Memories of Travel
Injury Helper Big Emergency

Title vestas farm

Begging, part 1

Thankful Feelings

Argument with Marlin

First Errand

Expert Lecture, part 1

Expert Lecture, part 2


Tak and Vesta

Love Letter

Title turtle pond

Secret Fireworks, part 1

Secret Fireworks, part 2

Leia's Request

Mermaid's Easy Life

Persuit of Beauty

Cody's Aesthetics

Path to Musician

Iron Arts

Fireworks Shop

Title empty area

Second Hot Spring

Bonsai Contest

Nina's Keepsake

Whip Practice

Budding Romance

Galen's Date

Advice for Cliff, part 1

Ann's Hidden Skills

Title the beach

The Big Plan

Education Policy, part 1

Education Policy, part 2

Memory Stories

Child Discipline, part 2

Gambler vs Gambler

Flora's Cooking Battle

The Love Triangle

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