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A large part of your beginning income will be growing crops to sell for profit. During the Spring, Summer, and Fall seasons you can plant seeds in your fields and then harvest the plants when mature. You can also use those crops in your kitchen to make cooked recipes. Some of the fields are on your own farmland, and there are other fields available throughout the world map. The field option you choose will determine when you can harvest your crops. You can plant on more then 1 field at a time.

Each season you can purchase new seeds from Vesta's farm or by calling Karen on your telephone. Both ladies will sell the same seeds at the same price. There are a set of special crop seeds available at the Sprite Casino if you exchange the appropriate Medals. You also have the power to enhance your own crops by increasing their levels, which allows you to gain crops that are bigger and more expensive.

Before you can plant you'll need to till the soil with your Hoe. A bag of seeds will cover a 3x3 square of tilled soil. To get flower seeds you will need to use the Seed Maker to convert a wild grown flower into a bag of seeds. The Magicgrass variety come in two colors; red and blue. You can grow both colors from the same bag of Magicgrass Flower seeds, but the red ones are not as common. Once your seeds are planted you will have to water them every day using your Watering Can, which you can refill by using the ponds on your farm or the river that runs through the valley. If it is raining outside you don't have to water your outdoor plants that day, but you will still have to water your indoor crops if you have any. When a crop matures you can then harvest the goods. Some crops will regrow their bounty after so many days and others will need to be planted again.

When the season is over all of your crops will shrivel up, which the exception of any crops you might be growing in your Basements. To give your crops a head start you can plant Summer crops on Spring 30 and Fall crops on Summer 30. The new season's crops will not disappear when the 1st day of the next season comes around. In old versions of Harvest Moon you could only plant on the 1st day of the new season. In HMDS you can plant on the 30th day of the previous season. Unfortunately you can't plant any Spring crops on the outdoor fields on Winter 30 because the ground is too hard, but that won't stop you from using the special Super field behind the Waterfall where the snow does not touch.

Every so often you might find a giant version of your crops. There is a 1 in 255 chance of this occuring. Since it's too large for you to harvest yourself, Thomas will come by with the Sprites from Mineral Town to pick it for you. Any crop grown outdoors can become supersized. If you really want to see such plants, save your game the night before your crop is to mature. If you check it the next morning and it's not giant sized, just reload to the night before and check it again. A super sized crop will sell for 10 times more than a normal sized one.

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