Title bachelors

There are 12 marrigable bachelors in Harvest Moon DS Cute. The requirements for marriage are the same as the boy version. You still need a Big Bed, the Blue Feather, and rescued at least 60 Harvest Sprites. In the boy version of HMDS, marrying a person from Mineral Town ended your game. In the girl verison, this does not occur, meaning your game will continue on with your Mineral Town husband. Once married, if you keep your husband's LP over 60,000 for 30 days, you will have a child. To find out about your chosen bachelor's heart event, visit the Heart Events page for more info. Additionally, a 12th bachelor can be married. Mason is the man operating the phone for Mays tailoring. He can never be seen in person, nor does he have a sprite, and marrying him will end the game.

Normal BoysEdit

- Carter, Griffin, Gustafa, Marlin, Rock

Special BoysEdit

- Skye, Mason

Mineral Town BoysEdit

- Cliff, Gray, Kai, Rick, Trent

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